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About Jess

Hello Friend!

My name is Jessica LaCour, better known as “Jacked Jess” a catchy nickname that has stuck with me over time! I am here to assist, guide and train you to the BEST body you have had. Male or Female, and any fitness level, I have something special to help you reach the goals you have your eye on.

Through my numerous years of fitness and training journey I have learned so much that has helped me accomplish all sorts of goals physically and mentally, and I want to pass that knowledge on to you. I offer custom plans for competitors of all types, to the person that just wants to learn how to lift, be in better shape, or get stronger.

I have competed in many athletic ventures myself, and now am focusing on bodybuilding and training clients for their personal fitness goals. Together we will journey with the iron and sweat!

I live in a couple different states, travel constantly, and have over 13,000 clients all over the world.  Clients and customers everywhere can download my training plans and diets, app, or request a complete custom program as well. I am easy to reach via email, and respond promptly!
As a mom, business owner, athlete, and competitor I have a solid background of teaching and experience. My goal is to not only inspire others, but to help them achieve their best version of themselves.
I love the saying that anything is possible, if you have the mindset to make it happen. That being said I want to help you “Create Your Reality” in your fitness lifestyle. Empowering each individual, encouraging others to be their best, and helping everyone realize that their fitness goals are not impossible…. is exactly what I want to do. If you are ready to be part of an epic fitness journey, don’t hesitate…. order or subscribe to your ideal program today and lets get started!
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-Jacked Jess Training-
“Anywhere you are, helping you create your reality.”