Define Yourself- A Journey into Fitness


September 1, 2016 / Uncategorized
Imperfections…we all have them. From stretch marks, to cellulite we all carry small, quirky self percieved imperfections. I,myself have learned to love mine.
To me this is what makes an individual who they are, however I wanted to write a but about how so many people feel down about imperfections on themselves… when really it is probably something that makes you unique and amazing! Learning to be confident in who you are, and comfortable in your own skin is no easy task. It’s a strong feeling that is essentially growing and evolving with you every day.
I  can remember in grade school where kids were ruthless about teasing and would make me feel so bad for being tall, gangly or those horrible never ending breakouts. It made me feel terribly self conscious and want to hide. I knew better than to be this way…but I always found myself fighting being self conscious.

As sports became a bigger and bigger part of my life, I recall feeling confident and satisfied from doing well in different events. Sports became my go to…and my confidence grew with them. To me running was always running… a mile was always a mile, and the pavement felt the same every time… so confidence and peace grew within from the familiarity and trustworthy characteristics of different athletics.
Ironically, the better I competed and more involved I was at sports, the more I did not think or care  about anything that was such a big imperfection to me physically before. I felt strong. I felt tough. I felt an inner confidence growing. I felt that I could tackle anything that was set in front of me. I had forgotten about stressing about my image.
This is all due to the positive focus on bettering myself physically, what satisfied me, and what made me happy! Focusing on athletics and physical activity was SO fulfilling. Why? Because I was defining what my image was to MYSELF. I realized from then on that I could decide what my entire life would be like from simply how I thought and acted.
This mindset carried me through so many different events in life thus far. When I was conscious of being tall and gangly as a teen..I have learned to love being tall as an adult. Didn’t like not having muscle…. so what better than to learn how to build some?! Scared to death to step on my first figure stage… no better way to find out then jump out there!
From physical to everyday challenges this pattern of thinking can bring you strength and confidence to tackle everything!
Small little challenges about how you perceive yourself, and how you look at your own body… are actually much bigger. Focusing on how awesome you are, what you can accomplish, and what you will do, is the key. Find your sport.. find that “go to”… that makes you stand tall and proud.
If you can learn to love and appreciate who you are…not airbrushed, but who YOU really are…. your potential to do anything in life is limitless.

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