Define Yourself- A Journey into Fitness

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03 Apr

IIFYM made simple.

By Jacked Jess


So what exactly is…If It Fits Your Macros?!


Commonly known as IIFYM, this is a type of diet that allows you to meet your macronutrients needs i.e. proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. These three main food groups each play an individualized role in the body to build up your metabolism while working hand in hand with your training to achieve your

01 Sep
Imperfections…we all have them. From stretch marks, to cellulite we all carry small, quirky self percieved imperfections. I,myself have learned to love mine.
To me this is what makes an individual who they are, however I wanted to write a but about how so many people feel down about imperfections on themselves… when really it is probably something that makes you unique and amazing! Learning to be confident in who you are, and comfortable in your own skin is no easy task. It’s a strong feeling that is essentially growing and evolving with you every day.
I  can remember in grade school where kids were ruthless about teasing and would make me feel so bad for being tall, gangly or those horrible never ending breakouts. It made me feel terribly self conscious and want to hide. I knew better than to be this way…but I always found myself fighting being self conscious.