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A truly customized nutrition plan to meet any goal. No two plans are ever identical because every person is different. Every customized nutrition plan is based on the athlete’s age, height, weight, and goal. Simple to understand and easy to follow – includes quantity measurements for EVERY meal and EVERY food option so you don’t have to waste time calculating portion sizes.



  • Training & Non-Training day plans.
  • Nutrition Plan Instruction Guide.
  • Nutrition Plan Walk-Through.
  • Nutritional Macro Breakdown for EVERY meal.
  • Quantity measurements for EVERY meal choice for EVERY meal so you don’t have to waste time calculating serving size for ANY portion.



  • Any human being looking to get bigger, stronger, more athletic, or improve body composition.
  • Any age, gender, or lifestyle.



  • After you have completed the questionnaire and checked out, I will begin working on your custom nutrition plan.
  • Once I have completed my work, I will send you the documentation to begin your training program via email.
  • Documentation includes your 100% Customized Nutrition Plan in PDF format.



  • All goal plans should be ran for 12 weeks max before returning to a 4 week ‘Maintain’ phase.
  • Rapid Bulk: Looking to quickly add mass. If followed properly, athlete should be adding 5-8 lbs. per month.
  • Gradual Bulk: A more consistent, gradual weight gain protocol. Most athletes will add 3-6 lbs. per month.
  • Maintain: Holding bodyweight steady while improving body composition through optimal food choices and macro breakdowns.
  • Gradual Cut: A traditional small caloric deficit phase used for losing 3-6 lbs. per month.
  • Rapid Cut: For short term, rapid cut phases lasting no longer than 8-10 weeks. Followed properly, athlete will lose 5-10 lbs. per month.








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